15 Substitutes for Goat Cheese: The Awesome Alternatives


As a lover of goat cheese, I have to say that it has been hard to find substitutes for the ingredient. However, I am happy to report that many other types of cheese out there can be used in recipes instead. Today we are going to share with you Substitutes For Goat Cheese That Will Blow Your Mind!

What exactly is goat cheese?

Goat cheese has a long history

Goat cheese is actually an ancient cheese. The earliest reference to this type of cheese is from Hierapolis, a town in Asia Minor known as Pamukkale in Turkey, and was written around 130 AD. This cheese was apparently made from goat or sheep milk and was eaten mostly by soldiers and shepherds. Goat cheese has been popular throughout history because it’s rich and creamy with a strong flavor that pairs well with many dishes.

Shepherds have eaten goat cheese since the goat was domesticated. Despite its high price, it’s worth a try, and is feared that anybody who tastes it will become instantly addicted to it and buy it every month.


There are a variety of goat cheese types. Goat cheese may be produced from either raw or pasteurized milk, depending on the manufacturer. Goat cheeses come in a wide range of flavors, from mild to extremely powerful. It’s frequently covered with herbs, you can also acquire goat cheeses in oil, which may be eaten for up to six months.

There are many types of goat cheeses: soft, semi-soft, hard, extra-hard, or blue-veined. The most famous type of goat cheese in the world is probably Chevre, which was originally produced only in in southern France but can now be found worldwide. 

Goat’s milk

Goat cheese is composed of goat’s milk, which is one of the healthiest types of milk. Its curative properties have been praised in writing since the 17th century. Goat breeding was formerly essential for tuberculosis treatment, as goat’s milk had a significant role in the healing of the disease.

The goat produces ten times its body weight in milk. Goat’s milk is higher in vitamins and simpler to digest than cow’s milk. It may be prepared without being heated, so there are no dairy allergies. The calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus content in goat milk is ideal for our bodies. It has three times the iron of cow’s milk. Because of its high protein percentage, it is commonly used as a natural immune booster.

The goat’s cheese

Goat cheese, which usually has a fat content of 40-45 %, is quite concentrated. It has a strong flavor that is best suited for dishes that are not high in salt or creaminess.

Goat cheese is generally handmade in small factories and manufactory plants in Western Europe. Goat cheese is found in numerous cuisines around the world, including France, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, and England. It’s frequently combined with sheep’s and cow’s milk in recipes. Chevre is a French term for goat cheese.

What does goat cheese taste like?

Although it is often compared to cream cheese, goat cheese has a different taste. It does have notes of tanginess and saltiness but also has its own unique flavor profile. Some people compare the taste of goat cheese to that of lemons or yogurt.

Special tastes of goat’s cheese

Perhaps the taste buds used to in-store cheeses may have a strange, strong taste of goat cheese at first, but if you like to experiment with flavors and ingredients, you will quickly like this special delicacy, which you can find in natural and flavored versions.

I suggest you taste a little cube of it first, just in itself, and then if you’ve got the taste (you’re going to), you can fool your sandwiches, salads, pasta with it, the possibilities for variation are almost endless. Due to its intense taste, you need just a little of it, if you just put a little of it in the food, the flavor is still guaranteed.

How to eat goat’s cheese?

It can even be used as an appetizer or snack: paired with grapes, nuts, tomatoes, apples, or some kind of salty biscuit, it is a really light, healthy bite, with a glass of fine wine. In addition to its special taste, goat cheese still has many beneficial properties.

Mixed with cream cheese, it can be spread on bread seasoned. It’s also excellent with a little bit of a salad.  You can scramble it, pan it, mix it with potatoes, vegetables, and it is also very tasty for inflated ones. Divine pears, figs, strawberries, melons.

The French enjoy the cold goat’s cheese, but “chevre chaud”, warm goat’s cheese on baguettes or pan-fried with bacon, is also popular.

What are the most common situations in which goat cheese alternatives are used?

Goat cheese substitutes can be used in situations where you might need a stronger and more pungent flavor than what you would find with other types of cheeses. Substitutes for goat cheese can also be used when cooking or serving foods that are ordinarily cooked with the intent to preserve their softer textures, such as pasta dishes, sauces, cream-based soups, and scrambled eggs.

10 Substitutes for Goat Cheese

1. Cheddar

Cheddar is an awesome alternative for goat cheese because it has similar richness but comes without the funky aftertaste associated with some goat cheese brands. Simply grate up cheddar like normal, then add to your recipe or dish where you normally use goat cheese – voila! You’ve got yourself a tasty substitute without the hassle.

2. Feta

Feta is another great alternative for goat cheese because it has a similar texture to the ingredient but also packs tons of flavor on its own. It’s especially tasty in Greek salads or any other recipes that call for both feta and tomatoes.

3. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a common substitute for goat cheese and can be used in any recipe that calls for the ingredient. I love using cream cheese as an alternative to goat cheese because it’s so rich and delicious but not overpowering like some brands of cheddar or feta cheeses may be.

4. Mozzarella

Mozzarella is one of the tastiest Substitutes For Goat Cheese ever because it melts so well and has a rich flavor that most people love. I have used mozzarella as an alternative to goat cheese in both lasagna recipes and quesadillas with tasty results!

5. Pecorino Romano

This type of sheep’s milk cheese is similar to Parmesan but without being too nutty or overpowering. It makes for great pesto, pasta dishes, salads, appetizers, sandwiches… pretty much anything you can imagine! Substituting Pecorino Romano for goat cheese will definitely elevate your dish by providing lots of extra savory flavors.

6. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta works well as a substitute because of its creamy yet slightly crumbly consistency, which perfectly mimics many dishes made with goat cheese. To give ricotta an extra boost, try adding some fresh herbs or seasoning into the cheese to boost its flavor.

7. Parmesan

If you’re looking for a substitute that carries more sharpness than creaminess, then grated parmesan may be the way to go. Substituting parmesan for goat cheese is especially delicious in pasta dishes like lasagna or baked pasta, where rich flavors are expected.

8. Cotija Cheese

Cotija cheese is an excellent Substitute For Goat Cheese because it has a sharp and salty flavor that works well as either substitution or addition to many Mexican recipes (especially those involving tacos). It’s also great with grilled vegetables!

9. Boursin

While Boursin isn’t technically a “cheese” per se since I’m not sure if it’s made in the same way – I had to include this popular cheese substitute because it is so versatile and used in all sorts of recipes. Substitutes for goat cheese are almost always going to be milder than Boursin, which delivers a super sharp flavor that can really make your dish pop.

10. Paneer

This type of “cheese” has an interesting texture, like tofu but firmer – making it excellent as a pizza topping or any other recipe that needs some extra firmness added to its ingredients mix. With Substitutes For Goat Cheese That Will Blow Your Mind!, there are no limits to the number of ways to use these ingredients in your cooking! Substitutes for goat cheese will always have a milder flavor than using the original, but this is great because it allows cooks to experiment with other flavors and create new recipes without worrying about ruining their dish. And remember – never be afraid of trying out something different if you want to make sure your recipe comes out tasting amazing.

11. Blue cheese

The taste of blue cheese is comparable to that of goat cheese. The smell and flavor become stronger with age, just like chevre. Blue cheeses are creamier and softer than goat cheese.

12. Queso Fresco

Queso fresco, or “fresh cheese,” is a Mexican dairy product made by blending goat milk with cow milk. In comparison to goat cheese, it has a brighter, more vivid color and a thicker consistency. It’s commonly crumbled in vegetable dishes such as salads, soups, and eggs for this reason.

13. Aejo cheese

Aejo cheese is a centuries-old Mexican cheese. It was frequently produced from cow or goat milk. As a result, despite being saltier than other cheeses, some consumers switch to goat cheese because it is easily grated or crumbled and added to meals.

14. Manchengo

Manchego has a flavor that is somewhat sweet, nutty, deep, and yet flavorful. It has an ageing scent with a rich, deep, yet flavorful sourness to it.

15. Mató

El Mató (also known as brossat or Brull cheese) is a type of fresh cheese, typical of the gastronomy of the  Balearic Islands and Catalonia . Its origin is medieval and traditionally it was made with goat or sheep milk. It is popular in the field of sports diets for being low in fat but high in protein. Mató cheese is consumed as a dessert. It can be dusted with sugar, although the most traditional way is that which uses honey to sweeten it.

What is a good vegan substitute for goat cheese?

Soy cheese is the vegan substitute for goat cheese because it has a similar texture and taste to goat cheese. Substituting soy cheese for goat cheese is great for recipes that call for dishes that involve sour cream or a creamy sauce. Tofu is also a great option because it can be cut into cubes and marinated just like goat cheese. Substituting tofu for goat cheese is great when you want a creamy texture that is less processed than soy or other vegan cheeses.

Valuable ingredients

While cow’s milk is one of the most common allergens, which typically occurs in infants and babies and often goes away with age, goat’s milk and cheese can be used more courageously to offer even smaller children, as they rarely cause allergies. Due to its high protein content, goat’s cheese can be a great basis for developing a healthy diet, especially for an organism in development. At the same time, goat’s milk and goat’s cheese are very sourced of vitamin D – thus helping, for example, the absorption of iron – and contain minerals and trace elements of value to the body such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc or iodine.

Beneficial effects on health

Homemade goat’s milk and cheeses are an extremely valuable source of calcium, which plays a huge role in preventing osteoporosis, but it is also recommended to consume them regularly due to their cell-preserving and cancer prevention effects. At the same time, they not only play a role in conscious nutrition and health preservation, but are also effective in alleviating already developed diseases and allergies. Products made from goat’s milk were already used in the 17th century for the treatment of various respiratory diseases, the consumption of which can bring relief to various neurologicalcomplaints, migraines and eczema-like skin diseases that are becoming more common today.

Is there a perfect substitute for goat cheese in salads?

Cheese is a common ingredient in salads and there are several Goat Cheese Substitutes that can be used instead. Substitute For Goat Cheese such as cream cheese, feta (in moderation), or tofu can add the texture and flavor of goat cheese to any salad without breaking the bank.

What ingredients can I use to replicate Goat Cheese Crumbles?

The top goat cheese substitute for crumbled is Cotija cheese, but you may also try tofu.  This is also a great solution if you are not vegan, but just want to cut down on your saturated fats when cooking.

Final thoughts

Substitutes for goat cheese will always have a milder flavor than using the original, but this is great because it allows cooks to experiment with other flavors and create new recipes without worrying about ruining their dish. And remember – never be afraid of trying out something different if you want to make sure your recipe comes out tasting amazing. Substitute For Goat Cheese can really elevate any dish!

I hope these substitutes make it easier to enjoy any recipe with goat cheese without having to eat too many extra calories or fats! Happy cooking, everyone 🙂

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