9 Best Alternative Feta Cheese Substitutes

feta Cheese Substitutes

Feta cheese is a staple for many dishes. It has a unique flavor and texture that make it perfect for salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and more. But what do you do if you can’t find feta cheese? Try these seven alternative feta cheese substitutes!

Swiss Cheese: Swiss does not have the same salty taste as feta but it has a nice mild flavor that will work well in any dish with strong flavors like tomatoes or olives.

Parmesan Cheese: Parmesan is an excellent substitute for feta because of its strong saltiness and sharp tangy flavor. However, those who are lactose intolerant should be careful when consuming this type of substitute because it contains high levels of lactose.

Cottage Cheese: Cottage cheese has a creaminess to it that can replace feta’s unique texture while still keeping your dish familiar. Although the flavor of cottage cheese is not quite as strong, it will add an extra kick when needed!

Goat Cheese: Goat cheese is another mild and creamy substitute for feta cheese. The flavor is slightly tangier than cottage cheese but it does not have the same sharpness as Parmesan or Swiss. It is also a good option for those who are lactose intolerant.

Cheddar Cheese: The sharpness of cheddar makes it an excellent substitute for feta cheese when you do not want to make any dietary modifications.

Gorgonzola Cheese: Gorgonzola is another type of blue cheese that can be used as a substitute for feta in many dishes like salads, pastas, and sandwiches! It has a much stronger and bitter taste. Try this substitution next time your recipe calls for feta cheese.

Ricotta Cheese: Ricotta cheese is another great alternative to feta. Its smooth texture and rich flavor make it a perfect substitute for dishes that call for this unique ingredient.

Vegan Feta Cheese Substitutes

Tofu: Tofu can be crumbled and used just like feta cheese in salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches, or anything else that calls for this unique ingredient! For best results when using tofu as your substitute use firm tofu rather than silken tofu.

Soy Cheese: Although soy cheese is not a traditional feta substitute it can be used as an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. It does have a slightly different texture than the original but the flavor is very similar and will create delicious dishes!

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