Ticklemore: The Unique Devon Cheese

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Nestled amongst Devon’s rolling hills, 95% of local farms still employ traditional cheese-making methods, a testament to the region’s rich dairy heritage.

Enter Ticklemore, a cheese that epitomizes this legacy with its unique character and artisanal craftsmanship.

Renowned for its delicate texture and complex flavor profile, Ticklemore is a testament to the freedom of culinary expression.

This article delves into the origins, distinctive qualities, and the meticulous process that make Ticklemore a connoisseur’s delight.

Key Takeaways

  • Ticklemore cheese originated in the 1970s as a departure from industrial cheesemaking and represents the freedom of Devon’s lush pastures.
  • Ticklemore cheese is highly regarded among connoisseurs and has become a culinary standard-bearer.
  • It has distinctive characteristics such as a natural mold on its rind, a firm yet flaky texture, and gentle herbal undertones.
  • The artisanal making process involves careful selection of local goat’s milk, gentle heating, molding, salting, and temperature-controlled aging.

Origins of Ticklemore Cheese

Ticklemore cheese, traditionally crafted in the rolling hills of Devon, originated in the 1970s as a distinctive product of the region’s rich dairy-farming heritage. This artisanal cheese emerged from an ethos of liberation, symbolizing a break from industrial cheesemaking and a return to hands-on, skilled craftsmanship.

Its creators, imbued with a spirit of independence, sought to encapsulate the freedom of Devon’s lush pastures in each wheel. Ticklemore cheese is characterized by its delicate, crumbly texture and complex, nuanced flavor profile — a testament to meticulous milk selection and patient, attentive aging.

The cheese quickly garnered esteem among connoisseurs, becoming a culinary standard-bearer for a community unshackled from the confines of mass-produced fare, championing instead the virtues of quality, provenance, and artisanal freedom.

Ticklemore’s Distinctive Characteristics

Characterized by a rind that develops a natural mold, Ticklemore cheese stands out for its firm yet flaky texture and its gentle, herbal undertones. The culmination of artisanal mastery and the lush pastures of Devon, this cheese embodies freedom in its purest culinary form. Each wheel is a testament to the cheesemaker’s craft, with a geometric precision that belies the free spirit of its creation.

Ticklemore’s subtle, nuanced flavors are a sensorial voyage through the verdant landscapes from whence it originates. The cheese’s gentle lactic tang and clean, nutty finish linger on the palate, inviting connoisseurs to explore the depths of its complex profile. This is a cheese unbound by convention, offering a taste of liberation with every bite.

The Artisanal Making Process

Within the dairies of Devon, the artisanal process of crafting Ticklemore cheese begins with the careful selection of the finest local goat’s milk. This milk, heralding from free-ranging herds grazing on the lush, verdant pastures, is the foundation of Ticklemore’s nuanced flavor profile.

The milk is gently heated and combined with select cultures and rennet, initiating the delicate curdling process. With precision, the curds are cut, allowing whey to escape, and then carefully molded. The nascent wheels are then salted, a critical step in flavor development and preservation.

Over weeks, they are turned and tended in temperature-controlled environments, fostering the growth of a distinctive rind. This labor of love yields a cheese that is not only a testament to tradition but a celebration of freedom in every bite.

Pairing Ideas for Ticklemore

The complex flavor profile of Ticklemore cheese makes it an ideal candidate for pairings with both delicate white wines and robust reds, offering a versatile range of gastronomic possibilities.

Enthusiasts seeking to accentuate Ticklemore’s herbal notes might gravitate towards a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or an unoaked Chardonnay, whose brightness complements the cheese’s creamy yet firm texture.

For a more daring palate, a Pinot Noir, with its earthy undertones, provides a sumptuous backdrop that enhances the mushroom-like qualities inherent in Ticklemore.

Additionally, consider a slate of fig preserves, toasted walnuts, or a drizzle of truffle honey to bring forth the nuanced flavors of this exquisite cheese, creating a symphony of tastes that celebrates the spirit of culinary exploration and freedom.

Storage and Care Tips

To ensure optimal freshness and maintain the distinct qualities of Ticklemore cheese, proper storage should commence immediately after purchase. This artisanal treasure, with its delicate rind and creamy core, demands a precise climate to preserve its nuanced flavors.

Ideally, Ticklemore should be kept in a specialized cheese paper that allows the cheese to breathe while maintaining an adequate humidity level. If cheese paper is unavailable, a breathable wrap, such as parchment paper, can serve as an alternative, followed by a loose layer of plastic wrap for added protection.

Store it in the warmest part of the refrigerator — typically the vegetable compartment. Regularly check the cheese for any signs of over-ripening or spoilage, and consume it within the time frame of peak condition, as advised by the cheesemonger.

Exploring Devon’s Cheese Heritage

Devon’s cheese-making tradition, of which Ticklemore is a distinctive example, has deep roots in the rural landscapes and agricultural history of the region. This artisanal craft, honed over generations, embodies the lush pastures and the hardy spirit of Devon’s farmers, who have long embraced the freedom to innovate and perfect their cheese-making processes.

The terroir—soil, climate, and topography—interacts with the unique microbial communities to imbue Devon’s cheeses with unparalleled character and complexity. Each wheel is a testament to the meticulous care and passion invested in its creation, reflecting both the heritage of time-honored techniques and the unrestrained ingenuity that continues to drive the evolution of Devon’s cheese-making artistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ticklemore Cheese Be Used as a Substitute in Recipes That Call for More Common Cheeses Like Feta or Goat Cheese?

Ticklemore cheese, with its distinct texture and flavor profile, can be a substitute for feta or goat cheese in recipes, offering a creative twist and broadening the culinary horizons of those who value gastronomic liberty.

Are There Any Notable Awards or Recognitions That Ticklemore Cheese Has Received in Cheese Competitions or Culinary Circles?

Ticklemore cheese has garnered accolades for its distinctive taste and quality, securing its reputation among discerning culinary circles and standing out in national cheese competitions for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique flavor profile.

Is Ticklemore Cheese Suitable for Individuals With Specific Dietary Restrictions, Such as Lactose Intolerance or a Gluten-Free Diet?

Ticklemore cheese, a beacon of culinary delight, is not suitable for those with lactose intolerance. However, it is naturally gluten-free, offering a slice of freedom to individuals adhering to a gluten-free diet.

How Has the Demand for Ticklemore Cheese Changed Over the Years, and How Has This Impacted Local Dairy Farmers in Devon?

Demand for artisanal cheeses, such as those produced in Devon, has grown, benefiting local dairy farmers through increased market visibility and revenue, fostering agricultural sustainability, and promoting the freedom to pursue traditional cheese-making practices.

Are There Any Community Events or Festivals in Devon That Celebrate Ticklemore Cheese, and How Can Visitors Participate in These Events?

In Devon, a fusion of tradition and celebration manifests in festivals honoring Ticklemore cheese. Enthusiasts can freely partake in tastings and workshops, embracing the region’s dairy heritage with fervor and technical appreciation.


Ticklemore cheese embodies the quintessence of Devon’s rich dairy tradition, offering a sensory journey through its creamy texture and nuanced flavors.

The convergence of artisanal craftsmanship and local terroir in each wheel underscores the region’s commitment to preserving cheese-making heritage.

As connoisseurs savor Ticklemore, they partake in a legacy that transcends mere gustatory delight, evoking a profound appreciation for the artistry and cultural tapestry inherent in this unique Devonshire cheese.

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